Not every inspector will seek out quality education. It takes effort and commitment.

We are honored and humbled that you chose us.

Our heartfelt thanks to those of you who are so dedicated to the profession.


Okay, Lets talk about the instruction that YOU will Receive  when you attend : ADVANCED EXTERIORS 8 hours and ELECTRICAL INSPECTIONS OF EXISTING DWELLINGS 16 HOURS. If you REALLY want to understand the subject matter then you must attend these classes !! The instruction is done in a ROUND TABLE FORMAT , where everyone participates and BRAIN STORMS. CHAD FABRY knows his subject matter and can relate to his students in a highly CONDUCIVE way. This is the second time I attended CHAD’S class at INSPECTOR CENTRAL and I will COME AGAIN !! BOB JULIANO, Tivoli , New York

Having recently completed Electrical and Exterior classes with Chad, I wish to highly recommend his courses.
His presentation were well prepared and presented in a manner that was conducive open dialogue, friendly interaction with other students and a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
I take from his classes a greater understanding and preparedness for the future.

Dave Calveric


Chad and Shawn both did a great job presenting the material. I thought the class was very informative and feel as though I took away a lot of valuable information. I definitely plan to attend future CE classes with Inspector Central.

Chris Dorf Chris’ website

Great overview of performing an exterior inspection. Topics from basics to advanced techniques and observations. The facility is an amazing 1850’s building and the main greeter (dog) made the day fun and entertaining.  I would recommend courses taught by Chad and StructureSmart’s Inspector Central

Dick Alton Dick’s website


The instructor was very articulate on the subject matter- the book on electrical inspection of existing dwellings is and will be an excellent resource to us in the future. I will recommend this school to others in the future.

William Hartwig William’s contact info


Chad’s ability and desire to convey a deep understanding of the material is is very valuable and greatly appreciated. 

Greg Booth Greg’s website


Chad, Thank you for a good and informative class. This is the type of class our industry needs to bring education to the next level. The content and classroom discussions were very informative-refreshing to have a class that challenging and interesting.

Alan Willard Alan’s contact info


Chad Fabry did an amazing job presenting the subject matter.The interactive discussion with other experienced inspectors also added considerable value. The venue is interesting and Fabry is a very knowledgeable instructor with a diversity of experience.

Mike Kulikowski Mike’s website


I learned a lot from this course. The content is necessary for all home inspectors.

Ed Lock Ed’s website


Extremely informative class, Fabry is an excellent instructor who is very receptive to any question.

Great lesson plan! Enjoyed the instruction! The presentation is number one! I will be back.

Bob Juliano, Juliano Enterprises, Tivoli, NY


More than my money’s worth. Thank you for providing an excellent course. He took the time to explain everything.

Richard Dean 4U Property Sevices, Lima, NY


The most challenging course I have ever attended.

Greg Sanchez, Greg’s website


Chad, Thank you so much for all that you created this weekend. The gift of sharing your skill, knowledge and kindness-I’m grateful.

Your commitment to ethical business standards, and evident success, has renewed my passion for my business, thank you.

I will definitely share your continuing ed. offerings to my network, if there is something more specific I can do to promote your classes, I’d be glad to help.

Jolene Lomnes, Informative Home Inspections, LLC Jolene’s website


Fabry did an outstanding job presenting an 8 hr course on Advanced Exteriors and a 16 hour course on Electrical inspection of existing dwellings, based on the information in the book of the same title written by Douglas Hanson, with Redwood Kardon and Jim Katen.

Chad was one of my licensing school instructors, nine years ago, so I knew I could expect nothing less than a professional presentation with encouraged class participation to ensure the information was understood. This was the first time I felt like I got my money’s worth from any CE courses I’ve taken. The Electrical inspection book was included in the price of the course and since it was the course, it won’t end up becoming another dust covered, partially read reference manual on my desk. I know what’s in it, and where to find it. If you don’t already own this book, you need to buy it.

Maybe, the best part of the whole experience was the venue. Rather than walking into the store front of a typical strip mall, decorated with VCT tile flooring, a luxurious suspended grid ceiling and the type of furniture you might remember from middle school, this majestic jewel of historic significance was a three day trip back in time, and nothing less than a treat for me. The pictures posted do not come close to seeing this place in person.

I would strongly urge anyone looking for more than just fulfilling a required CE obligation to seriously consider the quality and value this school offers.

Gary Blum Oswego, NY GTB Inspections Gary’s website


I learned more at Inspector Central continuing education than I did at my original inspector training at a different school. The discussion and engagement of the class was far superior to any other home inspector classes that I’ve attended. The fresh fruits were good too, but I should have stayed away from the chocolate.

Tom Breslawski, Vesta Home Inspections, Hamlin, NY Tom’s website


 I thought it (the class) was very informative and helpful….   the power point and reading through the book is ok,  but for me it was very helpful to hear your experience and insight on what you have dealt with and seen throughout your years of being in the business.   It was clear that you have built up a wealth of knowledge in this field.  For me, it would be great to see more of that in your class.

Again, I thought this was a great learning experience… If you are planning on doing any other training please let me know, I will definitely attend!

Thanks again for everything,

Andrew Kotary , Trusted Home Inspections, Baldwinsville, NY Andrew’s website


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